Introducing: My First eBook!

by John Basso on October 2, 2012

Today I am very excited to announce that I, John Basso, am an author! My first book, Micro-corps: Rise of the Idea Architect (A New Generation of Entrepreneurs), is now available for purchase on, iTunes, and all other major eBook marketplaces.

So I have to admit, the whole idea of writing a book on top of my already insane schedule seemed a little crazy at first. Crazy, but not impossible. So why did I decide to go through with it? That part takes a little explanation.

During my time at Amadeus Consulting, I have had the privilege of working with a very unique set of individuals. To describe them as entrepreneurs alone doesn’t fully capture the landscape of their resourcefulness, tenacity and passion. With less than ten employees, and in some cases completely on their own, they have thoughtfully constructed sustainable business plans that defy the standards of what we consider small business. They are idea architects; artisans constantly honing and growing their skillset to master their craft. This like-minded group of individuals has created the growing niche of smaller-than-small businesses called micro-corps.

Unlike typical businesses, micro-corps leverage individual skills to enable ultra-lean business models to flourish. This means that idea architects must focus on growing in profits, rather than in revenue. This distinction informs important decisions about resourcing, hiring, outsourcing services, and forces these companies to determine priorities and cut the fat elsewhere. For their micro-corp to be successful, idea architects must excel at channeling their passion and staying malleable throughout the ebb and flow of funds.

Though the amount of work and passion required to run a micro-corp is substantial, this business model has proven time and time again to not only generate substantial profits, but to be fulfilling and provide job satisfaction to those willing to put in the effort.

I have found that for the most part idea architects tend to fly under the radar. They are the unrecognized VIPs of the small business world. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means that much of the tactical wisdom to be gained from them is unwritten or untapped, locked inside the brains of these small business innovators.

Interviews with each of these individuals, combined with insights from my own business experience, became the genesis of my first book, Micro-corps: Rise of the Idea Architects (A New Generation of Entrepreneurs). My hope is that this book can be a resource to those at an inflection point in the creation or growth of their business or idea, allowing them to extract some of the idea-architect “special sauce” to positively impact all aspects of their strategy.

To all who have supported me and graciously let me pick their brain to write this book, I can’t thank you enough. I must stress that this book is an ongoing effort; I encourage any and all feedback and hope that you will be compelled to add your voice to the conversation.

For more information about Micro-Corps: Rise of the Idea Architects (A New Generation of Entrepreneurs), click here. If you aren’t already, follow me on Twitter to learn more about the book, stay in the loop about upcoming events, or to get in on the #microcorps conversation.

You can download this book on the following marketplaces:

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